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As individuals age, it's natural for their physical activity levels to decline. While those who have maintained good health might manage their daily activities independently, more often than not, aging individuals face various health conditions, including chronic illnesses. Moreover, seniors who require care in assisted living or specialized medical attention demand more intensive management than the average patient. Frequent incidents such as unexpected falls or sudden symptom exacerbations necessitate continuous monitoring. However, the resources available in terms of staff and budget are not infinite. Fortunately, there is positive news. Real-Time Location System (RTLS) technology has rapidly evolved, offering solutions to address these challenges. RTLS technology allows the real-time tracking of specific targets. When integrated with other technologies, RTLS unlocks additional capabilities. Let's explore how RTLS technology is transforming senior care facilities below.
Fall Detection
Occasionally, elderly individuals without caregivers may experience falls without anyone around to help or notify. Fall detection technology is already well-known. However, most systems rely on cameras or simple sensors, limiting their scope to specific rooms. This restricts their effectiveness, as falls can occur anywhere. By utilizing RTLS technology, the precise and rapid tracking of a patient's location during a fall becomes feasible. Immediate alerts to administrators facilitate prompt responses.
Tracking Patient Flow within the Facility
A manager on the second floor of a medical facility wouldn't know what is happening on the third floor. They remain unaware of where patients are at any given time. If a patient, who is scheduled to meet with medical staff in their room at 2 PM, is not present, it affects not only the medical team but also subsequent patients. This kind of discrepancy can impact overall facility productivity and efficiency. Quickly locating specific patients or tracking patient movements throughout the facility can yield data valuable for hospital operations.
Enhancing Patient Experiences
This is particularly effective for patients with various needs, such as Alzheimer's patients requiring continuous care. The system can identify patients who may get lost, enter restricted areas, or wander alone late at night. Rather than relying on human CCTV surveillance or waiting for incidents to happen, the system helps prevent issues and facilitates proactive actions. This system instills confidence not only in the patients themselves but also in their caregivers. While this may be just one aspect influencing the selection of medical facilities, a facility equipped with a system that ensures patient safety and stability in similar conditions is definitely worth considering.
Asset Management
RTLS technology can track not only people but also assets within medical facilities. It allows the real-time tracking of necessary medical equipment, aiding quick location retrieval. When assets need to be relocated, RTLS streamlines the process, improving efficiency. Especially when dealing with critical assets, comprehensive management with enhanced security becomes possible.
RTLS can form the backbone of operating medical facilities. Actions that previously required time and cost investments can now be automated for convenience and efficiency. As advanced medical facilities adopt this technology, we can anticipate a future where such systems become integral to our daily lives.
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