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Many industries have undergone significant changes in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. However, the healthcare industry still clings to traditional methods in operating its facilities. While sticking to conventional methods might seem preferable if there are no major issues, there are indeed better approaches. This involves building next-generation hospitals that manage patients, medical staff, and medical assets more efficiently, reducing manpower consumption. At the heart of this transformation lies the Real-Time Location System (RTLS), a system for real-time location tracking.
What is RTLS?
RTLS stands for Real-Time Location System, which literally means a system that tracks the real-time location of objects. While it might seem similar to GPS at a glance, there are some differences. RTLS is primarily used for tracking people or objects indoors and provides much more accurate indoor location information. Hence, it is well-suited for use in healthcare facilities. Discover more about this technology below.
What can it do?
You might wonder about the significance of tracking the location of entities within a healthcare facility. However, such data holds greater value than you might think. For instance, in cases where elderly Alzheimer's patients wander around the facility at dawn, it's essential for someone to notice this and take action before any accidents occur. With the use of RTLS technology, the moment a patient leaves their room, an automatic alert can be sent to administrators. Additionally, if a patient falls in their room, the system can automatically detect it and notify administrators.
Can it track objects as well?
Yes, it can.
It is possible to track important assets such as medical equipment or other resources, knowing their current locations and quantities in real time. If needed, you can quickly locate the position of a specific asset through a search, reducing waste in routes and time. Similarly, it can be applied to medical waste to prevent contamination incidents. By tracking real-time movement of medical waste, you can prevent loss or incidents like contact accidents, thus ensuring supervision.
What about other functionalities?
Apart from these, you can designate restricted zones for safety purposes. If an unauthorized individual attempts to access such areas, warnings can be sent. Moreover, by monitoring the overall movement of people within the facility, you can manage congestion during busy hours. In cases of outbreaks like the COVID-19 pandemic, the system can trace the movements of infected patients, enabling rapid epidemiological investigations.
Is it limited to specific healthcare facilities?
No, it's not. This technology is applicable to various types of healthcare facilities regardless of their scale, including hospitals, nursing homes, and care facilities. If you have considerations regarding specialized spaces beyond this scope, contacting the company directly would be the most reliable way to address such inquiries.
Is this technology ready for implementation?
Yes, indeed.
Currently, numerous large companies that lead not only the healthcare sector but also various other industries utilize this technology. If you would like to acquire more information about this topic, you can contact us through the address below or at orbro@orbro.io to receive more detailed insights.
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