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Orbro의 혁신적인 시스템은 바로 여기에서 시작됩니다.
RTLS System
통합 어플리케이션
위치추적, 출입관리, 사물인터넷 등 다양한 애플리케이션을
하나의 소프트웨어에서 관리가 가능해집니다.
RTLS를 통해 자산, 태그 단말기의 위치를 실시간으로 추적 하고 관리 할 수 있습니다.
모든 기기 통합관리
출입, 위치추적, 사물인터넷 기기 등 다양한 기기들을 통합하여 관리하세요.
RTLS System
통합된 사용자 관리
사용자, 관리자, 그룹을 하나의 화면에서 관리 하세요.
RTLS System
자주 묻는 질문
ORBRO OS를 사용하는 이유는 무엇인가요?
ORBRO OS is a software that integrates various functionalities such as access control, IoT device control and management, and real-time location tracking. Each of these functionalities can perform well individually, but they achieve greater synergy when they are interconnected and work together.

The access control feature manages people's access records and enforces access policies. The IoT device control and management feature controls and manages indoor air quality, lighting, and other aspects to enhance convenience and efficiency. The real-time location tracking feature enables real-time tracking of objects or personnel, optimizing work management. When these functionalities are integrated and work together, data such as access records, indoor environment control, and work situation can be interconnected to create greater value. For example, by linking indoor air quality data with location tracking data, immediate alerts can be sent to nearby workers when air quality deterioration occurs. Additionally, by linking worker's location tracking data with lighting control data, the lighting in the work area can be automatically adjusted to optimize the work environment.

In this way, the integration and operation of various functionalities in ORBRO OS combine their individual values to create greater synergy. This provides advantages in terms of efficiency, safety, and productivity in space management operations.

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ORBRO OS란 무엇이며 사용하면 어떤 이점이 있나요?
ORBRO OS provides an application that includes the following functionalities:

Orbro Access: Orbro Access integrates with dedicated terminals (Orbro Access Auto, Orbro Access Lite, Orbro Access Pro, etc.) to provide access control and security features. It enables management of access records and real-time access policy enforcement.

Orbro Asset: Orbro Asset offers functionality for asset tracking. By using tags to track assets, it allows real-time monitoring of asset locations and quantities. It provides information on external export or internal import of assets through alarm functions.

Orbro RTLS: Orbro RTLS is a real-time location tracking system that utilizes UWB communication technology. It tracks the location of workers and hazardous equipment to prevent accidents and improve the efficiency and production volume of production lines in various environments.

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