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Digital Twin - Connecting Aircraft Information

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Digital Twin - Connecting Aircraft Information

ORBRO enhances aviation mobility and ensures the safety of travel and operations through real-time tracking and operational information of aircraft. It improves the overall experience of air travel by providing airline information, monitoring flight routes, checking schedules for each airport, emergency situation management, customer service enhancement, and environmental impact monitoring.

Providing airline information offers essential information for passengers to plan their air travel conveniently. Flight route monitoring supports smooth operations by ensuring aviation traffic management and safety. Providing schedules for each airport helps travelers manage their travel itineraries effectively with accurate and reliable travel information.

Emergency situation management prioritizes the safety of passengers and staff by preparing for unforeseen circumstances. Customer service enhancement increases satisfaction by improving passenger response and service quality. Environmental impact monitoring establishes sustainable aviation operational strategies, fulfilling environmental responsibilities and pursuing sustainability. ORBRO supports safe and convenient air travel and contributes to sustainable operations through these diverse functionalities.

Providing Airline Information

ORBRO provides real-time information on each airline, including aircraft types, routes, and schedules. This information is crucial for passengers planning air travel and provides important data for airline and airport operators for aircraft operation and management.

Flight Route Monitoring

Real-time monitoring and display of aircraft routes play a vital role in ensuring air traffic management and aviation safety.

Airport Schedule Information

Providing airport-specific flight schedules, including arrival and departure schedules, gate information, etc., improves travel information accuracy for passengers and enhances airport operational efficiency.

Emergency Situation Management

Utilizing real-time aviation data enables swift response and management of emergency situations, ensuring the safety of passengers and staff and minimizing potential risks.

Customer Service Enhancement

Utilizing real-time aviation information promotes passenger response and service improvement, increasing passenger satisfaction and enhancing the air travel experience.

Environmental Impact Monitoring

Monitoring environmental impacts related to aircraft operations and establishing sustainable aviation operation strategies play a crucial role in carbon emission reduction and environmental protection efforts.

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작업자 위치추적 패키지

작업자 위치추적 패키지

TwinTrackerPro 10 + Server 1

UWB 단말기를 작업자 또는 장비에 부착하여, 실시간으로 위치 추적을 돕는 제품입니다.

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