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RTLS Solution

Digital Twin - Connecting Bus and Subway Information

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Digital Twin - Connecting Bus and Subway Information

ORBRO provides a service that enhances passenger experience and improves operational efficiency through real-time tracking of public transportation. For this purpose, it offers real-time location updates for buses and subways, representation of stop information, traffic flow analysis and optimization, safety management and monitoring, as well as integration with apps and services.

ORBRO's GPS and tracking technology precisely delivers real-time locations of buses, enabling passengers to access up-to-date information on public transportation operations. Real-time monitoring of subway locations provides passengers with accurate operation information, enhancing the reliability of public transportation use.

Providing stop information enhances the convenience of public transportation use, and traffic flow analysis and optimization contribute to reducing traffic congestion and shortening passenger waiting times. Additionally, safety management and monitoring prioritize passenger safety and support the smooth operation of public transportation systems.

Ultimately, ORBRO enhances the experience for public transportation users and simultaneously improves the efficiency of public transportation systems, contributing to the enhancement of the urban transportation environment.

Real-time Tracking of Bus Location

ORBRO provides real-time location for buses using GPS and tracking technologies. This enables passengers to predict accurate arrival times and helps transportation managers enhance operational efficiency.

Real-time Location Monitoring of Subways

Real-time monitoring and display of vehicle locations within the subway system provide passengers with accurate travel information. This enhances operational efficiency and enables swift response in emergency situations.

Stop Information Representation

Detailed information for each stop and station is displayed on a digital map, enhancing the convenience of public transportation use by providing passengers with stop locations, schedules, and service information.

Traffic Flow Analysis and Optimization

Utilizing real-time location data to analyze and optimize traffic flow contributes to reducing traffic congestion and shortening passenger waiting times.

Safety Management and Monitoring

Enhancing safety management and monitoring systems within public transportation ensures passenger safety and enables swift responses to risks during operation.

App and Service Integration

Integrating public transportation information with mobile apps and various digital services provides passengers with better accessibility and convenience for information.

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