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Digital Twin - Implementation of Atmosphere and Weather Information

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Digital Twin - Implementation of Atmosphere and Weather Information

ORBRO utilizes digital twin technology to implement and support understanding and adaptation to climate change by visualizing atmospheric and meteorological information. It provides climate analysis through weather monitoring and advanced simulations, offering valuable insights across various fields.

Weather conditions during day and night, climate environments, precipitation, marine weather data, global meteorological information, atmospheric pollution monitoring, disaster prediction, and warning systems provide essential information for climate research, agricultural planning, water resource management, and more.

Real-time simulations of daytime and nighttime weather environments are conducted using weather satellite data, sunshine duration, and solar position information. Climate conditions are simulated using high-resolution weather models and precipitation data. Rainfall in the ocean, global meteorological information integration, atmospheric pollution monitoring, and disaster prediction and warning systems play crucial roles in oceanography, climate research, public health, and environmental protection.

Representation of Night and Day Weather Conditions

ORBRO simulates real-time day and night weather conditions using weather satellite data, sunlight duration, and sun position information. This provides crucial data for climate research, disaster management, agricultural planning, and energy management.

Representation of Climate and Precipitation

Simulates various climate conditions in real-time using high-resolution weather models and precipitation data. This provides essential data for climate research, agricultural planning, and water resource management.

Representation of Rainfall in the Ocean

Visualizes rainfall phenomena in marine areas using satellite-based marine weather data and ocean models. This information provides crucial data for oceanography, climate research, marine transportation, and safety management.

Global Weather Information Integration

Collects and analyzes extensive weather information by integrating global weather observation stations and satellite data. This plays an essential role in monitoring global climate change and international disaster response.

Atmospheric Pollution Monitoring

ORBRO tracks and predicts air quality and pollution levels, supporting public health and environmental protection policies. This provides crucial information for improving air quality and preventing pollution.

Disaster Prediction and Warning Systems

Utilizes weather data to predict natural disasters and develop related warning systems. These systems enhance disaster preparedness and response, enabling swift responses to natural disasters.

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작업자 위치추적 패키지

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TwinTrackerPro 10 + Server 1

UWB 단말기를 작업자 또는 장비에 부착하여, 실시간으로 위치 추적을 돕는 제품입니다.

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